Your kid is a source of love for your entire family and is actually the apple of everyone’s eyes. Kids are tender we cannot be harsh to them. But the truth is that we are being harsh to them. We are creating a tough life for them. Do you know why? The reason is that whatever the things, products, accessories etc are around our kids or are used for them are not actually healthy for them. Yes. This is true.

From their toys, to drawing books, to their lunch boxes, everything; everything is not good for them as you suppose it to be. These products are filled with chemicals, they are not reusable, and they may harm the health of your kid and also affects the environment. Then what shall you do?

The answer to this is choosing sustainability fir your kids. By saying this, we mean you can choose sustainable products for your kids. These products are eco friendly, chemical free and also promote good health for our mother Earth. You must be wondering what all products are eco friendly for this kids. The answer to this can be resolved in the following points:



Your kid may be an artist. He may love to paint, draw, decorate and create new paintings or crafts. Glitters are often used by the kids because their glittery texture is quite appealing to the eyes of the younger ones. But do you wonder if the glitter can be eco friendly too? The answer to this is yes. There are eco friendly plant based glitters which are created to handle the micro plastic pollution in the surroundings. These glitters are biodegradable and thus they do not harm the environment. These are non toxic too which makes it a safer option for your younger one.



Oh yes, you heard it right. There can be diapers that are eco friendly too. But this may also put a lot of questions onto the quality and assurance these diapers give. To resolve this doubt, eco friendly diapers are reusable, they are waterproof, extremely absorbent and do not harm the skin of your kids. It is designed for a proper baby care. Being environment friendly and taking a step towards the protection of the environment has started becoming a smart choice for parent who is nurturing their kids. Then why not you? You can buy one for your baby right here at: https://ecomended.com/



Let us all discard all those plastic made tiffin boxes in which we send the food that our child loves. The food does not remain safe in that plastic body. Why not try a sustainable option of wheat fibre bento box and take a step for a healthy care of your kids? What are these boxes made up of? These boxes are made of the wheat fibre which is extracted from the nature.  It is definitely not any kind of plastic and thus is safe for not only the kids but also for the adults who use lunch boxes on daily basis.



We should not restrict the creativity of our babies when we have a much sustainable option to it. Kids like colors and filling in colors on blank sheets. Eco crayons are an option for your lovelies which are close to nature. These crayons are biodegradable, 100% plant based, non toxic, and mare made with natural ingredients that won’t ever harm the health of your child. They are vegan too! Yes. Go, buy some healthy and environment friendly crayons for your children.

Everyone nurtures their child with utmost care and love. Choosing sustainability and sustainable products for your kids is just a step further and a dash of extra love you give to your kid. They are tender so let us handle them with utmost care and ensured safety. Also, let us all take a step to save the nature.