Is your kitchen eco friendly? Are you planning to make it more sustainable? Well, make your kitchen a lot of nature friendly in 2020!

Kitchen is the place which serves your family so why not make it much safer, natural, and pure, free from chemicals and keep your family and loved ones healthy and safe. Not only your family but also you help your planet be a safer one and protect the health of the planet too.

Figuring out what to purchase and what not? These products may become expensive at times but during these times of pandemic we can definitely spare something for the protection of our lovelies and the planet.

Going nature friendly does not only means not using plastic products and saying no to plastics. It is much more to it.

We will help you out with the must haves you must place in your kitchen and take a greener step. Let us dig into the list right here:


It is not only the environment that we are saving but by using these unpaper towels, you save a lot on time, money and energy too. What exactly are these towels? They are the reusable version of the paper towels. These towels are made from linen which is more durable, washable, and reusable and can be used for years. These papers also have properties like being anti fungal, anti microbial etc. They have an extra power of absorbing too. They are multipurpose too. You can use them not only in the kitchens but also in washrooms.



May sound weird at first look and also one will feel that these can be used only for 1 time and not after that. But wait, these wraps can last almost till a year! How can be these used? These food wraps, as the name suggests, protects the food and keep it healthy too. Healthy as in, it keep the food fresh by letting it breathe. These warps are flexible enough to be placed in any container, bowls and can be shaped to cover these containers too. So now you can replace your cling wraps or single use plastics with these reusable wax wraps.



Made using coconut husks, these brushes are 100% biodegradable and are plastic free too. They are designed well keeping in mind the purpose of its cleaning.  They are strong and durable and help in cleaning and scrubbing the grease on your utensils too. Now is the time to exchange your plastic based brushed to this eco friendly brush to do the dish cleaning at your homes.



Do you have greasy utensils? Or crusty pans? Or those baking sheets that have the leftovers stuck and burnt? Then a SISAL SCRUB is an answer for you. Your sustainable kitchen remains incomplete without a sisal scrub. This scrub is latex free, reusable, durable, and 100% biodegradable. These scrubs last longer than your usual scrubs and are user friendly too. You can buy one for yourself from https://ecomended.com/



We know that you, your loved ones, your colleagues may be fond of sipping cold coffee, shakes, juices etc. As the name says, this straw is made from steel and is BPA free too. So why don’t you buy few for your home and enjoy the cool drinks?

These straws are reusable, washable, durable, and free from any chemicals. Completely safe and healthy. They definitely are a step closer to going green.

There are a lot of other items that you can add into your kitchen. Like cotton mesh shopping tote, wheat fibre bento boxes, bamboo kitchen utensils, sisal washcloth and much more. There is a long list to these eco friendly items. You can definitely choose the ones you want for your use.

By buying these products take a greener step and make your kitchen a sustainable one.