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We are proud to bring you a wide assortment of eco friendly bags, handbags, wallets and accessories made from the finest vegan leather substitutes.

These products are made by hand from Teak leaves or Tamarind cork.  These sustainable vegan materials are renewable resources and the resulting products are most commonly referred to as Leaf Leather. 

The unique patterns and textures created by using Teak leaves and the shells of tamarind fruit are stunning and give each piece its own unique character.  Our environmentally friendly products are colored with all natural dyes and are certifiably vegan (no dyes used with Tamarind products). 

Due to the nature of natural Teak leaves and the varying degrees in which the dyes are absorbed, colors will vary from piece to piece.


Mesh Shopping Tote


Reusable Tote Bag with Pouch


Card Holder - Leaf leather


Teak Leaf Leather coin purse XS

$7.99 $9.99
SAVE 20%

Teak Leaf Leather notebook large

$19.99 $24.99
SAVE 20%

Gift Card


Teak Leaf Leather notebook small

$15.99 $19.99
SAVE 20%

Shaving / Accessories bag w/strap - Leaf Leather

Sold Out

Men's Wallet - Leaf Leather


Ladies' Envelope Wallet


The 121 Project- Short Lanyard


Bifold Card Holder-Leaf Leather


2-Tone accessory bag - Leaf Leather


Pen Bag - Leaf Leather

Sold Out

Cosmetic Bag M - Leaf Leather


Glasses bag w/zipper - Leaf Leather


Passport Holder - Leaf Leather


Ladies' Purse w/strap - Leaf Leather


Tote medium - Leaf Leather


The 121 Project-Long Lanyard


Tamarind Cork Large Notebook


Laptop bag - Leaf Leather

Sold Out

Tote small - Leaf Leather


CLARKE Pouch Large

Sold Out

Wing Tote bag-Leaf Leather


Tamarind Cork xLarge Cosmetic Bag


Tamarind Cork Small Notebook


Tamarind Cork Phone Case


Tamarind Cork Pen Bag


Tamarind Cork Large Accessory Bag


Tamarind Cork Coin Purse XS


Tamarind Cork Coin Purse S


Tamarind Cork Accessory Bag w/strap


Tote large - Leaf Leather


Ladies' Teak Leaf Leather large wallet

$49.99 $59.99
SAVE 17%